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Terms of use

Terms of Service

The 3D Snapshot product, website (3DSnapshot.com), and the services on these pages are provided by:

Digital Springboard
965 W. Chicago Ave.
Chicago, IL 60642


We take your privacy seriously. We have drafted our Confidentiality Policy in an aim to inform you of Digital Springboard’s information sharing, as well as of the data that we gather and the use we make of it. We encourage you to read the Confidentiality Policy and to use it in order to make your decisions knowingly.

Sharing Your Content and Information

The content and the information that you post on 3D Snapshot belong to you.

    1. For content protected by intellectual property rights, such as photos or videos (“intellectual property”), you specifically grant us the following permission: you grant us a non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, fee-free global licence for the use of the intellectual property content you post on 3D Snapshot, captured by 3D Snapshot, or in relation with 3D Snapshot (“intellectual property licence”).
    1. When you use an application, your content and your information are shared with this application. We require applications to protect your privacy. Your agreement as to the use of the application determines the way in which the application may use, store and transfer said content and said information.
  1. We appreciate your comments and your suggestions about 3D Snapshot, but you understand that we can use them without any obligation to provide remuneration (just like you have no obligation to give them to us).


We do everything possible to make 3D Snapshot a secure service, but we cannot guarantee absolute security. To do so, we need your help, which includes the following obligations:

    1. You will not use 3D Snapshot to distribute your sales communications without authorisation.
    1. You will not obtain information concerning users or the content they post, and will not access 3D Snapshot using automated methods (such as robots, spiders, etc.) without our permission.
    1. You will not intimidate or harass other users.
    1. You will not post content inciting hatred or violence which is threatening.
    1. You will not develop or operate an application containing or promoting content relating to alcoholic drinks or which is for adults (including advertising) without age restricted access.
    1. You will not use 3D Snapshot for the purposes of an illicit, illegal, malicious or discriminatory activity.
    1. You will not act in a manner which could deactivate or otherwise prevent the smooth operation of the 3D Snapshot Service (such as a denial of service attack).
  1. You will not allow or encourage infringement of this Declaration.

Registration Security

3D Snapshot users give their real name and true information concerning them and we request that you help us so that this does not change. Here are a few conditions that you undertake to observe for registration:

    1. You will not provide false personal information on 3D Snapshot.com and will not sign in for another person without his authorisation.
    1. You will not use 3D Snapshot if you must register with the local authorities due to a conviction for a sexual offence.
  1. You will enter your accurate, up-to-date contact details.

Protection of Others’ Rights

We respect others’ rights and we request you do the same.

    1. You will not post content and will not undertake anything on 3D Snapshot.com which could infringe others’ rights or otherwise infringe the law.
    1. We can withdraw the content or information which you post on 3D Snapshot.com if we deem it to infringe this Declaration.
    1. You will not use our brands (such as 3D Snapshot, 3D Snapshot.com and the 3D Snapshot logo etc.) or any other similar brand which could lead to confusion, without our written permission.
    1. If you obtain information from users: you will obtain their consent and will make it clear that it is you (and not 3D Snapshot) who is gathering this information, and you will publish our privacy policy indicating the information gathered and the use that is made of it.
  1. You will not identify people who do not use 3D Snapshot and will not send them electronic messages without their consent.

Cookies & Tracers

As simple indicators of connection, cookies and other tracers (Local Storage) are non executable text files left on your computer’s connection terminal when you visit a website. These files are anonymous and it is not possible to identify the web user visiting a website from these cookies or other tracers.

Most recent browsers enable users to decide whether they accept or reject cookies and other tracers (hereinafter referred to as «Cookies») and to choose their retention time (see practical conditions below). However, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that rejecting Cookies may disrupt the use of «3D Snapshot.com» as well as your browsing on other websites.

Why cookies?

3D Snapshot.com and/or its partners place one or more “cookies” by default on your computer or your connection terminal, for the purposes of facilitating your browsing, keeping your search criteria and creating visit statistics. Sharing content on social networks is based on services offered by third party sites. These functions place cookies which enables these websites to trace your browsing.

The validity time for consent to place Cookies is 12 months. On expiry of this period, your consent is gathered again.

Deleting cookies saved on your computer

Irrespective of your browser, you remain free to delete the cookies stored in your browser at any time. How do you destroy cookie files already installed on your computer?

Open your web browser:

    1. If you use Mozilla Firefox, go into “options” and select “privacy”. Click on “delete specific cookies”.
    1. If you use Internet Explorer, go into “tools” and select “Internet options”. In the “general / browsing history” tab, click on “settings”, then the “display files” button. Browse the list until you see files beginning with the prefix “cookie”. Select and delete those you wish to.
    1. If you use Safari, go into “Windows” and select “preferences”. In the “security” tab of the window which opens click on “display cookies”, then “delete all”.
    1. If you use Google Chrome, go into “tools” and select “history”, then “clear browsing data”. From there, you can delete your cookies.
  1. Once this step is complete, if you wish to prevent any new Cookie from being installed, follow the procedure shown at the next point.

Managing cookies and configuring your browser

Irrespective of your browser, you remain free to opt out of cookies being saved. You are however informed that access to certain services and sections of the websites that you visit may then be altered.

How do you opt out of cookies being saved?

You have to configure your browser. This configuration is most often done from the “tool” menu and “internet option” then “privacy” or “confidentiality” on your browser.

Open your web browser:

    1. If you use Mozilla Firefox, choose the “tool” menu then “Options”, click the “privacy” icon, identify the “cookie” menu and select the options which suit you. You can also view the cookies in place.
    1. If you use Microsoft Internet Explorer, choose the “Tools” menu then “Internet options”, click the “Confidentiality” tab and select the level desired using the cursor.
    1. If you use Safari, choose “General Safari settings”, then “Security” and you can then decide to accept, reject or view the cookies in place.
  1. If you use Google Chrome, choose the “History” menu then “Preferences” then “Privacy”.


    1. You must make any complaint (‘complaint’) relating to this Declaration or 3D Snapshot exclusively to the Court Cook County.
    1. In the event of a complaint against us based on your actions, your content or your information on 3D Snapshot, you will indemnify 3D Snapshot against any loss, liability, claim, request, costs and fees, including reasonable legal fees, relating to this complaint.
  1. We endeavour to provide 3D Snapshot in a faultless and safe environment, but you use it at your own risk. We provide 3D Snapshot “as is” without explicit or implicit guarantees, including implicit guarantees of merchantability, suitability for a particular use or non-violation. We do not guarantee that 3D Snapshot is safe and secure. 3D Snapshot does not assume any liability for third party actions, content, information or data, and you release 3D Snapshot, its management members, the members of its board of directors, its employees and its agents from any liability in the event of complaints or damages, known and unknown, issuing from or related to complaints or damages against these third parties. We cannot be held liable for the loss of profit or any other consecutive, special, indirect or consequential damage, if it results from this declaration, even if 3D Snapshot has been informed of the possibility of such damage. The total aggregate sum of our liability towards you within the framework of this declaration or 3D Snapshot may not exceed the sum paid by you over the 12 previous months or 100 euros, the higher amount being applied. As applicable law cannot authorise the limitation or exclusion of liability or incidental or consecutive damage, the limitation or exclusion above may not apply to your case. In such cases, 3D Snapshot’s liability will be limited to the maximum permitted by applicable law.

Specific Terms for Users Outside the U.S.

We will try to create a community without borders with consistent standards for all, complying with local law. The following terms apply to users outside of the U.S.

You accept that your information will be transferred, stored and processed outside you native country.


    1. « 3D Snapshot » means the functions and services that we make available, via (a) our website at 3D Snapshot.com or another co-branded 3D Snapshot websites (including sub-domains, international versions, widgets and mobile versions) (b) our platform and (c) existing social modules, software, equipment or networks or those that will be developed in the future.
    1. By « Platform », we mean a set of API interfaces and services which enable users to retrieve 3D Snapshot data or to provide us with data.
    1. By « information », we mean the content and information concerning you, such as the personal data that you enter on the site.
    1. By « content », we mean any other text or media, such as photos of you that you store on 3D Snapshot in a secure manner, which do not meet the definition of « information ».
    1. By « data »,we mean the content and information that third parties can retrieve from 3D Snapshot or provide to 3D Snapshot through the Platform.
    1. By « post » or « publication »,we mean what you post on 3D Snapshot or otherwise make available to us (such as using an application).
    1. By « use » ou « utilisation », we mean copying, publication, distribution, modification, translation and creation of derived works.
    1. By « active user», we mean a user who has accessed 3D Snapshot at least once in the past 30 days.
  1. By « application », we mean an application or a website which uses or accesses the Platform, or any other system which receives or has received data from us. If you can no longer access the Platform but you have not deleted all the data that you have received from us, the term “application” will apply until the data is deleted.


    1. This Declaration constitutes the entire agreement between the parties concerning 3D Snapshot and supersedes any previous agreement.
    1. If part of this Declaration is made invalid or not applicable, the rest will remain in effect and applicable.
    1. Our failure to have this Declaration applied cannot be considered as a release.
    1. Any amendment or waiver to this Declaration must be established in writing and signed by us.
    1. You cannot transfer the rights or obligations incumbent on you within the framework of this Declaration to a third party without our consent.
    1. All the rights and obligations within the framework of this Declaration can be transferred by us within the framework of a merger or acquisition, the sale of our assets, a request from the courts or in other cases.
    1. No provision of this agreement can prevent us from observing the law.
    1. This Declaration does not confer any right to third party beneficiaries.
  1. You must comply with all the applicable laws when you use 3D Snapshot or access it.